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  • Mitch Blatt

"Stay in the Game"

Life’s full of ups and downs, but sometimes it gets harder than normal to handle—for example, the current economic situation in the USA. It’s during those times that we have to persevere. We have to see it through. We have to Stay In the Game.

And that’s exactly what the current issue’s focused on—persevering through tough times, like standing strong when it feels like just about everyone is accusing your hobby of being a gateway to violence or bigotry, or not giving up during a really hard sporting event. We’ve all done that, when you think about it. The SAT is the marathon of test-taking; a long, boring lecture might be the price we have to pay to learn something; and the only way to get rid of a common cold is to rest, drink fluids and ride it out.

Something that I’ve found myself responding to a problem with recently is “there’s a way, I just have to find it.” Whether it’s beating a tough level in a video game, making some multiple-sheet origami creation with as little leftover paper as possible, or figuring out how to make this thing I think is cool believably fit into a story setting, that sentiment/mantra has helped me see it through.

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