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Expecting Great Contributions

At a recent meeting with support- ers of INCIGHT, I explained what I knew about the name of our organization. INCIGHT is a portmanteau, which is a type of word that com- bines the meaning and parts of two words to become a new word with a new spelling. For example, Brunch; combining the words and meaning of Breakfast and Lunch. INCIGHT has two meanings, bringing together the two meanings of insight and incite. 1. To possess intimate knowledge and 2. To spark a passion. These two meanings are exactly what INCIGHT believes in and works to share with the community: possessing knowledge and understanding of people experiencing disability to share it with others, and inciting a change in hearts and minds to promote inclusion of people with disabilities.

The supporters said, “Oh, I thought it was just a special spelling to make people define it differently or stand out.” They knew the meaning of “insight” and thought, “Yes, INCIGHT has insights into the world of people with disabilities.” When I explained the word incite, and how we hope to spark a passion for change they said, “I get it. We should tell more people about the definition.”

Speaking of insights, the team at INCIGHT knows about the jobseeker side and the employer side when talking about disability in the workplace. We work with employers who are eager to hire people with disabilities but are sometimes ill-equiped. They lack the understanding of best practices and worry about offending or making mistakes. We want that to change, and we believe our trainings for employers can help. We know that disability is the one minority group that anyone could join at any mo- ment. So we know that we should all expect a better inclusion experience for those experiencing disability, since one day it could include any of us.

We also know that limiting beliefs enter the equation; some people might have a limiting belief about themselves. Others might have a limiting belief about others. This

is all about the stories we think we know, the stigmas or bias or lackof understanding we have. It puts a predefined limitation on success and that in itself is not good. Disability means any functional limitation, and who doesn’t have ANY functional limitations? Exactly no one. We all have strengths that make us shine, and those strengths often mask some of our weaknesses. When you get to know someone experiencing a disability you begin to better under- stand their strengths and the way they succeed. You might see how they work around and innovate every day, in fact sometimes all day.

Limiting beliefs are stories we tell ourselves that limit our potential and might result in pre-defined outcomes. At INCIGHT, we want to help businesses shift their mindset and their culture around disability. With new trainings, we hope to help businesses welcome inclusion of individuals with disabilities in every aspect of employment, from application and interviews to accommodation and promotion. We want to see a shift in workplace culture that isn’t focused on checking a box but is working to make a better and more successful

workplace.We don’t take it lightly when we say that INCIGHT will meet your team where you are at in the work of shifting culture in the workplace. Shifting culture is hard and it is often slow, but we are excited to embark on this journey with you. The INCIGHT team feels confident that not only will your workplace culture be enhanced, but you will also experience greater success in your business, identifying strengths and working to leverage obstacles in a more comfortable environment that benefits your whole company. Please join us to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in your workplace — take the knowledge you have about INCIGHT to the people you know and share it to promote change that benefits everyone!

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