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Putting the "Trophy" in Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

By Mitch Blatt

Headshot of Amber Stock on a white background wearing a white sweater.

Even though her muscles are being ravaged, Amber Stock has kept a positive attitude! She can’t go on hikes or walks with her friends like she used to. However, there’s still so much she can do.

She doesn’t make acrylic paintings or pursue her other hobbies as often as she has in the past because of... her disease? No! It’s because she’s in an intense pharmacy program! Amber faces a greater than normal chance of respiratory infections. She’s in pain. Although her muscle tone is slowly degenerating, it only affects her body, not her mind--she’s as bright as the sun! She even had the bright idea to enroll in a pharmacy program and become a veterans’ neuropharmacist so she could carry on her parents’ military tradition and serve her country despite her physical limitations. In addition, the VA would let her practice pharmacy at the top of her degree. This would allow her to have more responsibilities and accomplish a lot more than if she worked in a different healthcare setting. “If you put your mind to it”, she says, “your dreams can come true.”

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